"This book is a stunning collection of full color photos and information on tiki cups and mugs. Absolutely worth the price just in the visual presentation of tiki, hula and  misc. tiki lounge history.  A  indispensable book for anyone who collects retro tiki items. 
Thanks for a great book and collecting guide!"

Mark & Debbie W., Manchester, WA


"The book turned up yesterday and i just had to drop you a line and say how fantastic it is. I was expecting it to be good but it has surpassed all expectations. I think at some point I'll have to get another copy as I'm bound to wear this one out in no time.

Congratulations on producing the Tiki collectors bible."

Neil, London, England


"Thanks for keeping tiki alive."

Michael T., Long Beach, CA


"Tiki Quest is AWESOME!!!  I'm going to start spreading the word to the collectors I know; it really is fun and fact-filled. Great job!"

Tim P., Burlingame, CA

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